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Traditional worship is the kind of worship many Americans think about when they think of church. The sanctuary has a main aisle with pews on either side, an altar, an organ, a robed choir, and the pastor often wears a robe. In the backs of the pews, there are Bibles and hymnals. Traditional worship has been replaced in many cases by more contemporary worship, but it is still a major part of the American worship scene.

Traditional worship shares some of its music with liturgical churches, because liturgical churches also mostly use hymns. However, traditional worship services generally do not have a fixed liturgy. They do, however, have some basic similarities. In a traditional worship service, the congregation will generally be led in singing hymns by a robed choir, often accompanied by an organist. The singing drives much of the service. Generally, the service will start in song, the pastor will offer an initial greeting and possibly some announcements regarding the church. Next the service will continue with more singing, the church will take an offering, and the pastor will read the day’s Scripture reading, before beginning   a sermon. After the sermon, the pastor will offer a benediction, the church will likely sing on final song, and the service will be over. Obviously, various things can be added to the service, depending on theological beliefs and denominational background. For instance, some traditional services will end with an altar call, where church members can approach the altar at the front to either pray to receive salvation, or to reaffirm their commitment to their faith in some way.

The Traditional Worship service is held Sunday at 11:00 am in the Sanctuary.

Contemporary Worship
is held in the Family Life Center  each Sunday at 8:30 am and reflects St. Andrew's commitment to excellence in spiritual leadership. This service features a family-friendly setting and contemporary Christian music with the  Praise Band.   Our contemporary service also incorporates a variety of multimedia for a multi-sensory experience.   The music you will hear is the type found on todays Christian radio stations and is usually very upbeat.   Refreshments are served before the service begins.   For more information on Contemporary Worship, contact Jonathan Todd .

St. Andrew's Praise Band and Singers

The team members are diverse in age and vocation, they have one reason for ministry:  Praising the Lord and helping to spread the message of His saving grace.  They are not professionals. They are, however, committed to sharing their time and talents to further God’s kingdom here on earth, and to having a lot of fun in the process! 

Mid-Week Services

We have Bible study available at 6:00 p.m. and choir practice at 7:00.  There is also youth and children activities available.